Handling And Cutting Plastic Sheets So You Don't Waste Excess

Plastic roofing sheets are a good choice if you want aesthetically-pleasing results that are durable, easy to install, and long lasting. Even though plastic roofing sheets are less expensive than other types of roofing, there are ways you can handle and cut them so that you don't waste excess material. This also keeps the roofing materials out of the landfills:

Preparing the Plastic Roofing Sheets

It is easier to make mistakes when you do not prepare the sheets beforehand. To prepare them for cutting, place a piece of cardboard on a flat surface. Then lay the plastic roofing sheet on top of the cardboard. This will keep the sheet in place, and soften the blow when cutting it. Make sure the cardboard is large enough to fit the entire sheet.

Measuring the Plastic Roofing Sheets

Before you start cutting the sheets, make sure they have them measured correctly, which depends on the needs of your project. Start out by measuring the roof. Ask someone to help you to make sure this is done correctly.

When you have the roof measurements, measure the length and width of the roofing sheets. Use a felt marker to make a mark on each side or ends, and draw a line between the marks using a straightedge.

Cutting the Plastic Roofing Sheets

Now it's time to start cutting the sheets. This is typically where mistakes are made if you are not focused. Keep your hand steady as you are cutting, and make sure the sheet will not budge when you begin. If the sheet starts slipping, you will make a mistake, and have to start over with a new sheet.

You can cut the plastic sheets using a carbide blade or a circular saw, but you must make sure it is secure first. The vibrations from the saw will make the sheet move and wobble, which can force the saw off the cut line.

Place the roofing sheet over the edge of the surface so the line you marked is an inch from the edge. Set the blade on your circular saw to the full cutting depth, and start cutting the sheet. As you are cutting, use your free hand to press the sheet against the surface to keep it from wobbling from the vibrations.

Following these tips will ensure you do not have a lot of materials left over when you are finished cutting. If you decide you do not want to install the roof yourself, you should hire roofing contractors to do it for you. Try contacting a company like United Roofing to learn more.