Springtime Rooftop Maintenance: Getting Your Roof Rainfall Ready After A Long Winter

When the sunshine starts to stick around a bit longer and the first signs of spring start to emerge from the ground, you will know that it will not be long before you start to see springtime precipitation hanging around. After you and your home have weathered yet another long winter, there are always a few maintenance tasks you need to tackle as the weather changes. One of the biggest concerns is making sure your roof is ready for the change in climate. There are a few things that you should do to ensure nothing has changed since your last roof checkup.

Clean and Test Your Gutters

While the gutters of the home are often looked at as a separate component altogether, the roofing and gutters that you have work together as one system. If your gutters are not equipped to handle rainfall, it can have a direct impact on your roof. Make sure your gutters are free from leaves, nuts, and other debris, and use a water hose to ensure the gutters are still flowing as they should.

Assess Any Metal Flashing Damage

The metal flashing that borders every perimeter line of your roof serves a vital purpose. This serves as the protective barrier between where the roof of your home ends and the exterior structure of your home begins. During brisk winters, it is not uncommon for this thin, metal material to come loose, lose hardware, or become bent and altered due to ice forming on the roof. Take a good look at the metal flashing, give it a gentle tug to make sure it is secure, and perform any necessary maintenance right away.

Check Your Roofing Materials for Signs of Compromise

After your roof has been left to handle ice, snow, and wind for several weeks, you never know what type of damage your shingles or roofing materials may have sustained. When spring does finally start to show, it is time to grab a ladder and head on up to see if there are any issues that you have not noticed before. Keep in mind that even a missing shingle can be enough to route rainfall in the wrong direction and cause a leak.

Making sure you tend to these three issues early in spring can help to ensure you do not see issues when the rain starts to fall. Roofing companies often recommend that you have your roof checked out once a year, either by a professional or on your own, and springtime is the perfect time to do it.