Preparing Your Roof For Winter

With winter setting in, you need to make sure that your roof is prepared to handle whatever winter weather Mother Nature throws your way. From the trees that grow around the house to your roof's construction, it's a good time to check things over and make the necessary repairs before winter sets in. Here are some tips for you to follow, including what to look for when you need a roofing contractor to fix major issues.

Shingles Cracked or Missing 

While asphalt shingles are made to withstand harsh weather, they can get damaged during extreme weather conditions. You'll want to check your roof and replace broken shingles before winter sets in to avoid major issues after the snow starts to fall. Many times shingles that are lifting away from the roof allow water to leak into your home, which can damage your interior walls and ceilings as well. 

Check the Gutters

In order for water and melting snow to flow off your roof, you need to make sure your gutters are clear and free of debris. A buildup of leaves and sticks can block the water from flowing freely. When the temperatures drop, that water will freeze, and the weight of the ice and debris will pull your gutters loose from your roof or cause them to collapse entirely. 

Trim the Trees Back 

If you have trees that are growing over your roof, you'll want to trim them back. The weight of snowfall can weigh down the limbs and cause them to break. Branches that are consistently rubbing against the roof can be a contributor to shingles breaking off as well. 

Check the Inside of Your Home

You may not even realize you have any problems with your roof just by checking the roof from the outside. You'll want to look up in your attic and crawlspace and look for signs of water drips or stains. This can give you a better idea of where the roof has issues and where any repairs need to be made. If you inspect for these issues now, you'll avoid problems when the snow begins to melt in the spring. 

Any signs of leaks or missing and broken shingles will require the experience of a roofing contractor like Metal Roof Outlet Inc. Unless you have experience repairing roofs, you'll want to ensure that all repairs are done correctly in order to avoid a bigger mess later on.