Is Your Concrete Swimming Pool Rusty? Discover Why It Should Be Resurfaced

The concrete surface of a swimming pool can become rusty from normal wear and tear over the years, especially if you have never gotten it resurfaced. Rusty concrete is not only a bad look because it can make the water appear dirty, but it can be dangerous. Discover why it is necessary for a concrete swimming pool to be resurfaced when there are noticeable signs of rust.

Why Should a Concrete Swimming Pool Be Resurfaced When Rust Develops?

After you have had your swimming pool for a while, rust can appear, not only on the concrete, but also on metal drain covers. You don't want to walk in a pool that has a lot of rust because it can cut up your feet and possibly expose you to bacteria known as clostridium tetani. The rust can accumulate a lot of dirt, which can lead to you suffering from tetanus if your feet are cut from the rust and bacteria makes it into your body

You must get your swimming pool resurfaced to stay safe. However, resurfacing is also necessary to make sure cracks in the concrete are repaired. Cracks make a swimming pool look unappealing. Debris can also accumulate in the cracks and make it easy for your bare feet to get cut. Resurfacing will give the pool a smooth surface that looks as good as new.

What is the Estimated Price to Get a Swimming Pool Resurfaced?

You will have to hire a swimming pool specialist to inspect the surface to get an idea of what you will have to spend on resurfacing. However, the average price of swimming pool resurfacing can cost over $22,000. The type of resurfacing done will play a major role in how much it will cost. For instance, the entire procedure can include getting new concrete, paint and replacing rusty drain covers.

The price will likely also be quoted based on the size of the pool. A swimming pool that has been well maintained over the years will not be as expensive to resurface as one that has not had much maintenance. No matter how much you have to spend, resurfacing is a good investment for your safety.

Swimming is more exciting when done in a beautiful pool that has a smooth surface to walk on. Don't allow rust to make the water look unappealing and hurt your feet. Contact a swimming pool specialist to for pool surfacing information and help.