Three Ways To Help Your Roof Last Longer

When you pay hard earned money to a roofing contractor, you want to make sure that the roof you have lasts as long as possible. Your contractor can help you with this by sealing the roofing, adding a waterproof membrane, and helping you with any issues that could lead to wood rot or other issues. Beyond what the contractor can do, there are also ways you can help your roof last longer. Here are three of those methods that you can put in place today.

Gutter Maintenance

The gutters are very important to your roofing lifespan, and can cause problems if you leave them unattended for too long. If you don't clean out your gutters, leaves and other debris build up over time. This buildup causes trapped rain water to stand instead of draining through to the ground. Not only does the standing water cause issues with any roofing it comes in contact with, the weight of the wet debris will also pull against the roof line and cause damage. By maintaining a routine cleaning schedule of your gutters, you can avoid this type of damage and help your roof last longer.

Roof Cleaning

Cleaning and maintaining your roof doesn't stop with the gutters. You also need to make sure that debris, tree limbs, and leaves are removed from the roof as well. If fallen limbs and leaves remain on the roof, they can trap moisture and break down any sealant that was placed on the roofing tiles.

This can lead to a breakdown of the shingles or tiles in that area that leads to a breakdown in the wood frame underneath. All of that breakdown will eventually lead to a breakdown in the attic or crawlspace area and very costly water damage repairs and roof replacement. To avoid all of this, create a routine roof cleaning schedule for yourself, or hire a company to help.

Don't Avoid Issues

Sometimes you may see an issue with the roof, but you feel it isn't important enough to handle right then. If you keep putting it off, the issue could become worse. One roofing issue that you may overlook is shingle damage. If shingles are loose or appear to be curling or coming up, you may think that you will look at them later and you don't look again until it is too late. Instead, call a contractor like Rippy's Roofing & Construction Inc as soon as you see the issue so the repair is minor instead of a full replacement.

These are just three ways to help your roof last longer. If you want to avoid roof replacement too early, then create routine schedules for inspections and maintenance.