3 Steps To Get Your Deck Ready For Summer Fun

As winter comes to a close, it is time to think about getting your deck ready for summer fun. Winter can do a number on a deck, so it is important to take some time this spring to bring it back to life. Here are the steps to take when getting the deck ready for warm weather:

Look for any Signs of Damage

In the spring time, it is important to take some time to inspect all areas of the deck to make sure there is no damage anywhere. Look for any boards that are loose and tighten them down. Check the handrails to make sure they are in good shape and there are no loose finials. Make sure there are no nails or screws sticking up from the floor of the deck that can cause a foot injury. Also, check under the deck for any signs of damage or rot. Make the arrangements to have those items fixed before you begin using it.

Give it a Good Scrub

Once any damages have been repaired, it's time to give the deck a good scrub down. Winter weather is harsh on decks, leaving them dirty and discolored. Fallen leaves from the fall may have caked up in between the boards and become clay-like after sitting underneath snow and other winter precipitation. If you have a wooden deck, you may want to use a special cleaner designed for cleaning wood. If you have deck that is constructed from vinyl, simple soap and water is enough to get it clean. You will need to use a scrub brush, a garden hose, and a putty knife to get built up gunk from small crevices.

Seal and Restain the Deck

If you have a vinyl deck, you can skip this step. Wooden decks will need to be sealed with a weather sealer. Sealing should be done every year to keep it safe from the sun and heat of the summer season as well as the rain showers that crop up regularly. You may want to restain the deck as well, depending on the condition of the current stain.

When you are planning to seal and stain your deck, make sure you can work when there is going to be at least two days of no rain. You should also try to aim to work on days that are overcast so that the sun does not dry your stain as soon as it is applied. Lightly sand the deck with sandpaper so that the sealer and stain will adhere more easily. Apply the sealer and stain in long, thin strokes with a wide paint brush or roller. Allow it to dry for at least two days before walking on the deck.

Getting your deck ready for summer is a great way to usher in the warmer weather after a long, dark winter. Be sure you don't forget to clean and restain any planters or deck boxes that are built in to the deck so that they match the rest of the wood.

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