3 Reasons Professional Furnace Maintenance Helps Save You Money

For almost every single home, a furnace is simply a necessity. Unfortunately, heating and cooling costs make up almost 50% of the average energy bill. Not only is the cost of operating your furnace a costly one, it can also be costly if something goes wrong with your furnace. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help with that cost. Here's a look at three ways having your furnace inspected annually by a professional ultimately saves you money.

Reason #1: It Helps Keep Your Warranty Intact

Most major furnace manufacturers actually have wording in their warranties that state how often the system should be serviced. To keep your warranty intact, most require an annual inspection by a certified professional. If you try to make a warranty claim and haven't had this service done, you may be out of luck. The manufacturers know the importance of an annual inspection.

Reason #2: It Helps Your Furnace Run at Peak Efficiency

A furnace may seem fairly simple, but it is made up of dozens of complex parts. For most people, it's beyond the scope of something you can maintain yourself. Having your furnace serviced annually by a professional will save you money in the long run. When your system is running at peak efficiency, it takes less effort to heat your home, and uses less energy.

Reason #3: It Helps Prevent An Expensive Breakdown and Prolongs Your System's Life

How long could you drive your car without a little preventative maintenance or without changing the oil? Maybe 6 months at the most. This would lead to expensive repairs, and eventually the need for an entirely new car. Why would you treat your home's heating system the same way? Most people only contact a furnace service company when something goes wrong, but your system needs regular maintenance. Paying a small fee to have service done annually will help catch small problems before they become large ones. While it won't prevent a major issue from happening (mechanical systems do wear down over time), it will prolong the life of your furnace.

The best time to have your furnace serviced is in the late summer or early fall. This is just before the weather gets cold enough for prolonged use, but before the service companies get busy. Also, if you have your furnace serviced early, you've got a much smaller chance of a surprise breakdown in the middle of winter. When you trust a professional furnace company like Summers & Smith Cooling & Heating, you're putting your furnace in the hands of someone who has likely seen hundreds of systems just like yours. They know exactly what to look for, and exactly how to make sure your system is running at its very best.