How To Install Molding Around Your Windows

If you have a track home, there is a good chance that the windows are simply recessed. This means there is no decorative molding and casing along the edge of the window frame. However, most doors have decorative casing and molding around them. This add a little bit of style and class to the doors. Some people want to give their windows the same style. This is a great home remodel that can easily make your windows much more dynamic. This article will explain how to install casing around the edges of recessed windows.

Finding the Right Molding And Casing

First, you will need to find the right product. You can find molding that exactly matches your existing door molding, or you can just look for a style that compliments you existing style. You will also need a thin veneer or hardwood to cover the inside edges of the recess window frames. This piece of wood will run from window sash to the edge of the wall and is called the casing. You will then line the inner edge of the molding up with the edge of the hardwood to create a perfect corner. In the end, the goal is to make it look like the molding and the casing look like they are one piece.

Install it Properly

To get the best results you will want to install the casing first. Nail it to the wall so it is perfectly flush with the inner edge of the wall. You do not want to create a lip or gap. Then, you can install the molding, lining it up with the inner edge of the casing. Try to get your edge as flush as possible, but do not worry if it is perfect. The next step is to fill in the crack with wood filler. This will hide any gaps between the casing and molding. You will also want to apply waterproof caulk along the outer edge of the molding, where it meets the wall and where the molding pieces come together at the corners.

After the caulk and wood filler are dried, you can finish off the job by painting the molding and casing. You might also need to fill the small holes left behind by the nail gun. Since they are so small you can actually use either the caulk or the wood filler, simply spreading it into the holes with your finger. For more information, contact Brant Windows and Doors window installation.