5 Things to Consider When Searching for Perfect Furnishings for Your Pediatric Doctor's Office

Doctors who work with children regularly should always have an office that is comfortable for people of all ages. The furnishing your choose are more than just chairs and tables, they provide a welcoming atmosphere to your patients and their parents. In order to make sure that you make the right choice in your selections, here are five things to look for in your furnishings.

1. Cost. Of course one of the first considerations everyone makes when purchasing their site furnishings is the cost of the items. While this is important, make sure that you are allocating enough money to get the right items. Cheaper items can result in fast breaks and tears in the products, meaning you will have to replace them more. Children can be especially rough on furniture, so set aside enough money for sturdy, solid pieces that can last a long time—even with kids climbing on them.

2. Design. While you might initially think that a couch is a couch and no one notices, you are wrong. Providing an old, cheap-looking couch for your patients might tell them that you are out-dated or won't provide the best level of care. Realize the designs are a reflection of you and the service level your patients can expect.

3. Comfort. Trendy metal cafe chairs are not going to be very comfortable for patients waiting to see you. Instead, find chairs, couches or stools that are warm, welcoming, and comfortable. If pieces are hard, awkward, and uncomfortable, sick patients or their parents holding them will be even more unhappy waiting. Never get seats that are too low to the ground, lack enough padding, or chairs without back rests.

4. Colors. Site furnishing companies will often have pieces available in different colors. It helps to do a little research on color psychology and what will help calm kids down rather than excite them. If you come across a piece that doesn't fit in with your color scheme, it is always smart to ask if you can get it reupholstered. If you don't have a color scheme already picked out, choose the biggest, most expensive pieces first. Work around the color schemes they provide. 

5. Maintenance. Always keep the maintenance of a piece in mind when choosing your furnishings. Sick kids can leave behind germs, dirt, and even might throw up on your furniture. Choose pieces that lend themselves to easier cleaning and avoid a lot of cracks and intricate designs. Notice materials for cloth covered pieces—is it easy to clean if a child spills on it? Is it going to need to be replaced a lot because it's thin? Remember that you can still get a lot of attractive design in basic pieces, too.

For more tips on furnishing your work area, consider talking to resources like Knecht & Berchtold Inc.