4 Main Demolition Techniques For Concrete Structures

If you are looking to tear down a concrete building or other structure, you could be wondering about the best way to get the job done. Obviously, you are probably better off if you hire a professional to help you with this project, but you might still be curious about what technique a concrete demolition company will choose. There are a few different options, and your contractor will choose the best one for your structure, its location and the contractor's overall experience. These are the four main demolition techniques that are typically used for concrete structures.

1. Manual

Manual demolition is often used to take down small residential buildings and structures. Just as the name implies, most of the work is done manually rather than with heavy-duty equipment. For example, contractors typically use sledgehammers, picks and other equipment to take the structure down.

2. Induced Collapse

Induced collapse demolition of a concrete structure involves removing key structural elements of a building to cause the rest of the building to fall naturally. For example, the base of the building might be taken out until the rest of it falls down. This isn't a safe option in tight quarters, so it's generally only used when there is a lot of space around the structure.

3. Mechanical Demolition

Mechanical demolition is often used for very large concrete structures. Basically, with this type of demolition, equipment like bulldozers and cranes are used to take apart the structure and demolish it to the ground.

4. Building Implosion

Just as you can probably figure out from the name, building implosion demolition techniques involve "blowing up" a concrete structure. Very strong explosives are used to make the building collapse to the ground. Building implosion can be very dangerous and should never be done by someone who is not a professional, but a concrete demolition company will have the right equipment and explosives to safely bring a building to the ground in this manner. Building implosion is often used for properties that cannot be safely demolished in other manners due to close quarters.

As you can see, there are a couple of different ways that concrete demolition contractors go about taking out concrete structures. Go to sites offering more information on the topic if you are interested in learning more. If you have a concrete building of some sort that you would like to get rid of, and you call a concrete demolition company to help, there is a very good chance that one of these methods will be used to get rid of your structure.