3 Misconceptions about Kitchen Cabinetry

So, you're thinking about remodeling your kitchen, but you're not quite sure what to do with your cabinets. You've thought about simply having them re-surfaced, but you know that by having new cabinets installed, you can make better use of your new space. You're leaning towards having custom cabinets done as a way of adding value and unique cosmetic appeal to your new space, but you aren't completely sold just yet. By understanding some common misconceptions about custom cabinetry, you can make a better informed decision regarding your kitchen.

It Costs a Fortune

First of all, many people assume that having custom cabinets designed costs significantly more than buying pre-made cabinets. In reality, however, many homeowners are surprised to find that they don't spend a whole lot more on a custom cabinet design. And in many cases, if you simply let your designer know what kind of budget you're trying to stay within ahead of time, he or she will be more than happy to come up with several design options that fall within your specific budget. This way, you can enjoy the confidence in knowing that you won't overspend.

Wood Is Your Only Option

Another common misconception homeowners have when it comes to custom cabinetry is that their only option for materials is hardwood. This couldn't be further from the truth. While you won't find cheap cabinetry materials (such as pressed wood or laminate cabinetry), there are plenty of lower-cost options that will save you money when compared to the costs of many hardwoods. For instance, you may be able to have custom particle-board cabinets designed, or even veneered cabinets, which may be ideal if you don't like wood.

Hardware Isn't Important

Finally, regardless of the final decision you end up making, be careful not to overlook the importance of the specific hardware you choose. All too often, homeowners become so focused on choosing the right cabinet finish that they fail to mindfully select handles, knobs, hinges, and the like. If you work with a designer, he or she should be able to make some recommendations regarding hardware, but the final say will be up to you. Consider brushed nickel or stainless steel hardware for a modern or contemporary design.

By keeping the truth behind these common kitchen cabinetry myths in mind, you'll ultimately be able to make the right choices in regards to your kitchen remodel. For assistance, talk to a professional like Oakville Kitchen Centre.