4 Signs You Need To Repair Your Roof

Catching small repairs before they turn into big ones is the ideal situation when it comes to your roof. It may take a little detective work, but there are some signs to look for when deciding if you need roof repairs or not. Here are four situations that call for a professional roofer to come out and make some minor repairs.

You Have Signs of a Leak

You may not have a puddle of water in your living room after a rain, but that doesn't mean your roof isn't leaking. Many leaks are so small they are hard to detect until you discover the water damage on your roof or inside your home. If you want to look for small leaks, start by checking the fascia board of the roof. This is the piece of wood that goes around the house's perimeter and holds up your gutters.

If you notice signs of rotting fascia board, that is a sign that you might have a leak. Another way to tell is by going inside your home and looking closely at the corners and edges of your walls and ceiling. Spots of water is a big sign of a leak.

There Are Ice Dams

Ice dams occur when you have snow on your roof that melts due to heat coming from the attic or top floor of your home, then re-freezes due to the cold temperatures outside. When the snow melts, it often drips down the roof and sits in the gutters. If the gutters are filled with leaves and debris, the water collects, where it re-freezes and then turns into ice dams. These can be damaging to your gutters and your roofing structure as a whole. If you have ice dams that are causing damage, you will need to get some repairs done.

The Flashing is Damaged

When inspecting your roof, check the chimney, skylights, and roofing vents. There are metal components surrounding these areas, also called flashing. If the flashing becomes loose, worn, or otherwise damaged, it leaves a space in the roof where water can get inside and cause a leak. It is important that you have the flashing repaired or replaced before the next rainfall or snow storm to avoid damage inside your home.

The Shingles or Tiles Are Damaged

You should also call out a plumbing contractor if you notice roofing tiles or shingles that are damaged. While this doesn't necessarily mean you have damage to the bottom structure of your roof that causes a leak in your home, it could still be a sign of a problem. Have those shingles or tiles replaced as needed. Also check the shingles for other signs of damage, such as mold, fungus, or algae. This should be addressed by your roofing contractor.