Stay Safe While Welding With These 4 Tips

If you have a welding project to do and want to try your hand at it, it is important that you do so in a safe manner. Here are some welding safety tips to keep in mind during any project.

Read the Manual

When you start welding, whether you've bought equipment yourself or are only renting it, you need to know how to use it. In your eagerness to start your project you might not want to consult the manufacturer's manual, but you should. The manual outlines proper techniques for that particular piece of equipment as well as safety information that can help you avoid problems for yourself and others.

If you don't have a manual on hand, many manufacturers offer online manuals. This way, you always have information that can help you.

Be Careful with Clothing

When you're welding, it is important to wear the right thing. You may already have gloves and safety goggles or a helmet to protect your hands, eyes and face, but what you wear is important as well. Cuffed pants, rolled up shirt sleeves and chest pockets are easy places for sparks to be caught and smolder. To avoid burns and other skin damage, be sure to wear long pants with no cuffs, closed-toe shoes and shirts without hanging sleeves. You might even consider wearing a leather apron specifically for this purpose.

Avoid Welding in an Enclosed Area

You may want to complete your welding project in your garage, but toxic fumes can be emitted when welding and you need to have access to breathable air. Move your project out into the yard to ensure you won't succumb to smoke or fumes. If you have to do your project indoors, make sure to use an exhaust hood that will carry fumes outdoors.

Take Care of Your Equipment

If you start noticing damage in the cables or other electrical components, you might think that's normal wear and tear or delay repairs because the equipment is still functional. However, ignoring these problems may lead to short circuiting and electric shock. Fix any noticeable problems and make sure to inspect your equipment before each use to make sure that you are not putting yourself at risk.

Use the tips in this article to help keep you safe when doing a welding project. If you get stuck or need help, talk with a professional welder who offers portable welding services. They can fix any mistakes you've made and help ensure the project is completed properly.

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