Care For The Property Over A Septic System To Prevent Damage

If parts of a septic system become damaged or if foreign materials enter its tank, it will require professional maintenance and septic tank cleaning to correct the problem. Learn some ways that you can care for the property above the septic tank to prevent damage to the system and extend the amount of time in between routine maintenance appointments.

Plant Carefully

If you would like to cover the ground that is above the septic tank with grass or foliage, select items that possess shallow root systems. Deep-rooted plants, such as perennials or saplings, should be avoided. Instead, opt for items that have fibrous roots. Most grass varieties and annuals have these type of roots. None of the roots grow longer than the others, preventing the risk of damage to the septic system.

Avoid Excessive Water

The septic tank gradually fills with water and solid waste each time plumbing is used in your home. If too much water drains in the area where the septic tank is located, the water level inside of the tank will increase dramatically and can cause the plumbing in your home to back up.

If you would like to wash your vehicles, do so in a flat, stable area that is not near the tank. If possible, wash your car in a driveway or take it to a commercial car wash. If you are draining a pool or hot tub, divert the drain tube so that the water is dispersed into a low-lying part of your yard that won't pose a threat to the the septic system.

Limit Weight

Weight placed over the tank should be kept to a minimum. Extremely heavy items, such as farm equipment or vehicles, could compress the soil and place pressure on the tank and its pipes. As a result, a portion of the septic tank could crack and cause flooding throughout your yard.

If you are worried that someone is going to accidentally place heavy items over the system, clearly mark the area where the septic tank is located. Wooden stakes that are brightly-colored, or reflectors, will alert others to the system's location and stop them from driving over it or placing large machines near where it lies.

All of these steps, as well as routine maintenance appointments, will keep the septic system in operable order. As a result, you will save money and not need to worry about emergencies occurring when you least expect them.